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 Event Schedule

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PostSubject: Event Schedule   Sun Jul 12, 2009 7:01 pm

(¥) Event Schedule (¥)

Event Manager: Tre Coneal

Event Team:

(¥) Monday (¥)
Event: None
Items and Reqs: N/A
Time: N/A
Meeting Place: N/A

(¥) Tuesday (¥)
Event: Penguin Hunting
Items and Reqs: none
Time: 8pm est
Meeting Place: Various

(¥) Wedesday (¥)
Event: Wilderness Survival
Items and Reqs: Ask Me
Time: 2:30pm and 9:30pm est
Meeting Place: Edgeville Bank

(¥) Thursday (¥)
Event: Clan Wars
Items and Reqs: Armour/Weapons
Time: 3pm and 9:30pm est
Meeting Place: Clan Wars Lobby

(¥) Friday (¥)
Event: God Wars Dungeon
Items and Reqs: I will post a Guide in advance
Time: 3pm and 9:30pm est
Meeting Place: Grand Exchange

(¥) Saturday (¥)
Event: Exams
Items and Reqs: See "Exams Schedule"
Time: See "Exams Schedule"
Meeting Place: See "Exams Schedule"

(¥) Sunday (¥)
Event: Stealing Creations
Items and Reqs: None
Time: 2pm and 9:30pm
Meeting Place: Wilderness Volcano (Old Bounty Hunter)
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Event Schedule
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