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(¥) Exam Information (¥)

Listed below are the current examiners, their Player Owned Houses (POH), the minimum requirements for exams, and the rules you must follow when taking the exams. If you have any questions ask the Exam Coordinator.

-Exam Coordinator-
- Toakashi

-Exam Staff-
- Cherikitty
- Neofreind

-ANBU Examiners-

-Jounin Examiners-

-Chuunin Examiners
-Good Sage Md

-Examiner Poh locations-
Toakashi - Tavelry
Gorge158 - Yanille
Cherikitty - Tavelry
Samdagarra - Tavelry
Fracillis2 - Tavelry
Good Sage Md -
Shigadibop - Tavelry

-Exam Requirements-

Chuunin Exam:
- 75 Combat level
- Low-Mid Skill levels

Jounin Exam:
- 80 Combat level
- Mid-High Skill levels

ANBU Exam:
- 85 Combat level
- High Skill levels
- Recommendation by Kage+

-Exam Rules-
1. You must be a member of the clan for at least 1 week. (7 days)
2. You can not take two exams in one week.
3. The Examiners ruling is final, no talking back to them.
4. Listen to the instructions given to you by the examiner; if you do not listen to them, you fail.
5. If you fall behind you're left behind, so don't waste time.
6. The times and dates posted are final, so don't bother examiners about changing them. If you are unable to be on for the exam times posted simply post on the thread or clan site and we will try to fit in an extra exam as soon as possible, so be patient.
7. Attempting to cheat in an exam will result in an automatic fail and ban from the next exam. If you repeatedly cheat you will be demoted and temp. banned from the clan chat for 5 days.
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Exam Information
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